Let's talk about some ACTUAL Favoritism

Boards likes to throw around favoritism like saying it will get your more BE. "Riot loves ADCs." "All they do is buff tanks." "Nobody loves mages at Riot." "AP Supports always loved." Naw, naw. Let me talk about something which is by-and-large the most appalling case of double-standards in League and at Riot. {{champion:81}} I know what you're going to say: "lmao why are you bitching about Ez preseason dude just-" No, quit that. hear me out: Since I started playing this game back in Season 1 (or 0 it was years ago), Ezreal has ALWAYS been someone who broke shit. In fact, at this point I think it's tradition for Ezreal to break one item a season. Lizard Elder? Thanks Ezreal. ~~Runic Echos~~ Runeglaive (Thanks AirKIngNeo)? This belongs to Ezreal now. Kleptomancy? Ezreal's turf now boy. I could go on but you get my point. What's frustrating, however, is that Ezreal gets to keep being Ezreal. Take Lucian for example: When Lucian was breaking stuff, he would either get kneecapped or get one of those soft reworks that shuffles everything around. Rengar breaking something? Dumpster for you, kitty cat. Ryze? Just...Ryze? In general? I don't get how Ezreal keeps avoiding the rework stick. People like to bring up Tryn (Who is also an avid avoider of the rework beatstick) but I really don't get how Riot is ok with every on-hit/empowered auto-attack item having to pass the Ezreal test before it gets put in the game or allowed to exist? Can we just do something with Ezreal? I'm tired of coming in every single Season to see this one character messing around with the newest thing he's breaking. Maybe it has to do with Ezreal being the name of a designer so he takes up the trinity of "My original character" at Riot but whatever. Just do something about this guy already.
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