I wish that the Blue & Red had the same power

_Red Brambleback_ Kill the Red Brambleback to receive the Crest of Cinders of Cinders buff, a buff which grants health regeneration and causes your basic attacks to slow the enemy while also dealing true damage over time. *** _Blue Sentinel_ Kill the Blue Sentinel to receive the Crest of Insight buff, a buff which grants increased mana and energy regeneration as well as +10% cooldown reduction. *** _**Reasons**_ I wish the bonuses that you could get, would be different and both equal in power because as of still right now Red buff slow is really strong not to mention it deals true damage, while Blue buff just grants a boring bonus effect 10% cooldown reduction. As of right now Red buff grants 3 bonuses; Health Regen, Slow, True Damage. Whereas Blue buff grants 2 things; Mana Regen and 10% CDR. Do you guys have any good ideas to make them equal in power?
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