Cassiopeia Boot Discrepency

There are several mechanic discrepancies in LoL, but a new one that was just created is how {{champion:69}} does not need to buy boots because she is a snake. This logic is 100% accurate, but the problem is there are other champions like {{champion:69}} who either do not have feet, are always flying, or are always levitating. These champions include: {{champion:34}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:26}} Buying boots on any of these champs does not make sense since none of them are ever walking. Fine maybe on the champs here for are levitating or flying, but do have feet fine they can still wear boots even though they would not be walking on them, but champions like {{champion:267}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:101}} and debatably {{champion:30}} do not have feet and therefore should not be able to buy boots just like {{champion:69}}. Now maybe Riot's reasoning behind this is they do not want this many champions to be able to buy 6 full items since they would get natural movement speed and at full build be stronger than other champions, but they already allowed {{champion:69}} to buy 6 full items at least Riot should be consistent. In addition being able to buy 6 full items would really only be advantageous late game since, but since most games champions do not reach full build there is no reason why Riot shouldn't be consistent with who can and can't buy boots. I do have an idea on how Riot could make it balanced that some champions can buy 6 full items with natural movement speed while others can't. **IDEA:** For the champions who actually walk they can get an 8th item slot that works similar to the trinket only slot, but it is for boots only. Now you are probably thinking, _but if these champions can get 7 items then that is more unbalanced_, well **let me finish before you jump to conclusions**. This 8th item slot boots wont cost gold and you will automatically get the tier one boots the next time you back once the time hits the average time players usually buy boots(Riot would need to calculate this) and then when people back at the average time people get tier 2 boots you get to pick between the free upgrade of either {{item:3117}} or {{item:3009}} (removing the slow resist). The other boot items get removed, **_BUT_** They get turned into items, for example {{item:3047}} will get turned into an item that gives Armor, keeps the 10% damage block passive, and maybe health, maybe it can build out of {{item:1054}} to make the item upgrade-able. {{item:3111}} can give magic resist, the tenacity passive, and maybe some health. {{item:3006}} {{item:3020}} can just be removed since several other items give attack speed and magic pen. For {{item:3158}} Maybe a hybrid item that gives the 10% summoner spell cool down, 10% cdr, and maybe Ap and Ad or another stat that could work well on any champ. In the end this really would not be a **HUGE** change, but it would balance out the discrepancy and allow champions to have more freedom in experimenting with items since all champions would then be able to buy 6 items. I linked a video about other discrepancies if any of you guys want to check them out.

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