Mage Supports are a problem solely because of Frostfang.

{{item:3098}} has been overpowered basically since its creation. 22 gp10 an 111% gold efficiency of all desirable stats has sought out basically any AP mage can play effectively in the support role. 20 ability power = Gold 435 10% cooldown reduction = Gold 266.67 50% base mana regeneration = Gold 250 Total Gold Value = Gold 951.67 To put that in perspective, lets look at {{item:3097}} Not long ago were tank supports very strong. Alistar, Thresh, Leona, etc. Imagine, if Targon's Brace just for the hell of it, had 22 armor on it. Surprise! Tanks supports are broken! 125 health = Gold 333.33 50% base health regeneration = Gold 150 (If we added in) 23 armor = 460 Total Gold Value = Gold 943.33 But we all know that would be broken, right? Why does {{item:3098}} give the most gold in the game, more than the GOLD BASED SUPPORT ITEM {{item:3096}} {{item:3098}} Has every single stat a mage once, in one package, with the best gold gain in league history. This item goes, mages in bot lane go, its that simple.
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