I can't stand Dynaamic que

It was the worst Idea riot came up with. Who cares how hard you worked for it, if your playerbase doesn't like it, add soloq back. don't be babies and keep it because you don't want to make your idea look bad. You're all adults right? Or maybe not. When a solo player ques up and gets a 3-4 man que and he's the only one doing well, what do you think is going to happen? The enemy 3-4 man will make it their mission to make sure he can't play the game. Sending 6000 people top, staying mid forever, warding your jungle and killing you over and over every time you enter, 5 man ganks bot. This has to stop. This is not right. This stuff never happened in soloq, and now the solo player has to deal with vsing 4 people with comms while he has no communication with his team. Great job riot.
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