Kindred looks incredibly bland and uninspired

It looks like a mishmash of other champion abilities duct taped together. The dual nature of the character is completely squandered and doesn't do anything interesting with it, like {{champion:133}} . The passive feels like {{champion:133}}'s passive, but as an infinite stacker. Q -> feels like a {{champion:429}} AA with a {{item:3085}} . Also a mobility move with a projectile that hits the nearest target on arrival...{{champion:81}} W -> makes Q look even more like {{champion:429}} AA with a {{item:3085}} E -> Is a 3x stacker with % max HP damage ({{champion:150}} ) (Btw, %maxHP damage. **It's getting old**). Also reminds me of {{champion:201}} . Linear projectile with a slow that marks the target, enabling the next 3 AA to apply an effect. Been done. R -> i can't even. Feels like a {{champion:432}} ult that works like a {{champion:23}} ult. The f**k up potential is incredible. idk, i've i don't remember the last time i was so underwhelmed with a champion release.
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