I'll never understand why people play champs they dont know in ranked

It's become so clear now that you can easily see the mastery points of everyone in the game while in loading screen, enemy team, four mains, one with over 1.5 milion points, my team 3 guys with mastery under 10k and one dude with maybe 30. Every time this kinda of setup happened we lost, there's just no competition, if you know your champ inside and out you will know when you can safely engage, turret dive, how fast can you take drake, how to handle different matchups etc. Few days ago i was up against a milion point kindred while my jg was first time graves, its safe to say she made 3-4 ganks had a few kills and started camping our jungler in his own jungle while he still didnt gank once, 10 mins later they have 2 drakes, herald and are finishing up baron. This things happen again and again, my mid first time Sylas, their mid 1.5 milion point yas, 20 mins in he 1v5s our team. Can you please for the love of god practice new champs in normal games, there is literally no reason to go in a ranked while playing the champ for the third time just to feed your ass off and lose everyone the game.
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