You're.... you're giving more damage to Flask and reducing it's lane sustain?

I'm sorry... what? > Corrupting Potion > > - Health lowered from 125 to 100 > - Touch of Corruption damage changed from [15 - 30] to 20 Who doesn't know the dilemma "aw jeez my Flask start is just doing no damage, I wish Riot sacrificed the lane sustain and gave it more damage!" If you want less sustain and more damage you don't buy this item. You buy this item if you actually need the damn lane sustain and nothing else, nobody even cares about the damage, you could remove the damage and people would still buy it because get this, sometimes you just focus on not dying! Were ranged champs in top just not cancer enough or what is going on here? This is 75 HP you're missing out in laning phase this is a huge ass nerf
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