When Riot is too stubborn to admit they are wrong.

If only Riot would employ Root Cause Analysis. Anyways, I will do a bit of RCA for Riot. Current Meta is a nightmare. Going to list a few of my recent games. ( The mass majority of the games will be consecutive - Not Cherry Picking ) Top: Leona JG: Vladamir / Janna / MID: Taric (Yi) / Kathus (Nunu) / Braum (Kalista) [ Gold Funneling ] ADC: Ahri / Lux / Swain / Vladamir / Heimdinger / Bard / Renekton / Morgana SP: Darius What brought us here? Lets talk about Gold Funneling: Patch 8.9. Gutting Mages. Leaving Assassin Mid lanes as nearly the only viable option. Community doesn't like this - So they begin to think how to beat this. Patch 8.10 - Gutting JG. And ... Funneling is born ... you have nerfed the mid lane and jungle simultaneously... and the community responded with strategy. Mage / Bruiser Bot Lanes Patch 8.11. ADC change (Crit Changes). And not just small changes ... But gigantic changes. So ... what are we doing in 8.13. Are we solving problems at the source ... or are we doing fire drills? Put down the water Riot, and start solving the problem at the source ... Even when you made the problem. Just admit you messed up - and fix it.
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