The absolute, mind boggling, desperately bad rework of pantheon. It's garbage, really.

Am I really the only one writing about this in the official boards? Search's busted I guess? Anyhow. It occurs to me that chance of victory in league of legends depends on a good champ and a good composition. A good champ is a champ that plays efficiently in its designed role. Pantheon rework fails, with the most miserable, evident and disgusting degree, in all aspects of its designed role. It's shit by all means, not just comparing it to the old pantheon. Old pantheon - subpar fighter (literally shit against any other toplaner, could win by abusing his q + passive cheap mechanic): - cheap mechanics <= the reason most of us liked it for - had good burst - could oneshot softies - lost miserably to any other champ if not abusing his q - didn't scale past early game - was shit overall if didn't snowball - had one of the most ridiculous, most suicidal and less effective ultimates of any fighter, but could be used effectively to disrupt or net a kamikaze kill on their carry New pantheon - absolute trash in any role except -perhaps- SUPPORT: - modern mechanics (they finally got rid of his q, right?), BUT STILL REQUIRES MAGE LIKE MANA. - has half the burst compared to pre rework. literally his burst deals less than a single skill + auto attack risposte from most top laners - can't even oneshot minions - loses any teamfight since early (numbers don't lie). loses trades, even while cleverly using his e. - can't 1 v 1. his q is dampened by minons, has such a long cooldown, mana request and requires such skill to land that it's mitigated by auto regen. It's absolutely and desperately useless even in mid game. - doesn't scale. doesn't even grow. - doesn't snowball. has no power spike. HIS W STILL DEALS MAGIC DAMAGE! <= this literally hurts intelligence. what kind of brain damaged piece of trash thought that it STILL was supposed to be so? No %%%%ing other AD fighter champ has a skill that doesn't scale with AD. - chanelling and total ultimate time, damage and efficiency make it even more suicidal than before. It's even easier to dodge. Because it wasn't easy to dodge before, right? And all other champs needed to be sure that his already piece of shit, subpar kit was ineffective further. Oh but it has nice new visuals. TL;DR; Buff this piece of trash. It makes pantheon players retch, to the point that even keegun the best pantheon player in the world feels it plays as a SUPPORT, at best.
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