Autofill is making me want to play less

I'm not great. But I finally felt confident enough to try ranked (again). (I thought, new solo rank, oooh, maybe I should give it a try again.) I qued up. I got my first pick, right away! Then someone dodged... because they got autofilled into something they didn't feel confident in, and it's RANKED. I thought "OK, that's fine." Then the roles settle out again, and I'M SUPPORT, which I'm terrible at, AND IT'S RANKED! So, rather than die alot, and/or probably lose, (CAUSE I"M THE SUPPORT) and since no one wants to give up their role either I decide to dodge for all our sakes. I would be no challenge to the other team either. Now you make me wait to get into a line THAT'S ALREADY "TOO EMPTY" Causing a need for more autofill Its occasional reduced wait does not outweigh the frustration of waiting for a team to "work out" And you disenfranchised me from Ranked, AGAIN...
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