I have to agree Tyler1's statement.

https://twitter.com/lol_tyler1/status/984609264848293888?s=09 I can officially agree with tyler1. I'm glad that he publicly announced this statement on Twitter since he is a top-tier Twitch streamer who promotes League. Season 8 is pure garbage. Hopefully, Riot will get the idea and actually address balance issues and fix them in a timely manner. Instead of waiting 4-8 patches for a hackjob attempt with a band-aid solution. Ehh, that will never happen... I haven't played in awhile because the state of the game is hidious. I was, however, looking a bit forward testing the new Clash Tournament mode since League is supposed to be competitive, but I'm unable to use my phone for verification. I mean, you would think there would be other ways for verification, but oh well. I got nothing to lose by not playing this game, so it's a win/win situation.
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