Odyssey: Extraction is the most anti-fun experience I've had in this game in a while.

Every aspect of this is anti-fun. No Riot, getting pulled by skarner ults and dragged to a volcano is not fun. No Riot, surrendering 20 seconds into the game after a 5 minute queue and loading screen because someone got the wrong number of augments is not fun. No Riot, begging for a 4 augment run because you haven't done that mission yet and your team wants to go all 2 augments is not fun. No Riot, grinding to unlock 15 augments for 5 champions and then having missions tell you to use 2 of them is not fun. No Riot, having to use a third-party service or website to find teammates to play for the appropriate mission is not fun. No Riot, this is not fun.

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