The Evelyn Rework problem: "Window of Power" (Plat 3 MMR)

Hello guys, i am enjoying a lot the new evelynn rework, but in my opinion there is something off that makes her not a very safe pick to choose, and there are some other problems too, in my opinion. I'm just gonna give my 2 cents: My biggest problem at the moment is her "window of power": Basically the timeframe during a game where you can be considered at your strongest. From what i've seen in my games, her window of power if VERY SHORT. If we consider Eve to be an assassin, she is very efficient at it around early mid game and thats' basically it. IF you don't use correctly this timeframe you're pretty much screwed, for a number of reason: In my opinion the passive stealth should come in the game a little bit earlier (Level 5 or level 4 even), because tieing her ultimate to the stealth passive is not very healthy as she cannot really do much early game this way. Yes she can still fight, but everything is telegraphed to the opponent unless you have a big cc heavy composition to help you out. After you get your stealth and ulti it's where it's really fun to play evelynn, but it doesn't last long. This is because she relies too much, in my opinion, on her W and her ulti to be able to assassinate. Her W is fantastic, i love that skill, but it has too much power into it, and makes again for telegraph target selection, and when the enemies get the some items you'll find already very difficult to do your job, assassinate squishies. So if you aren't snowballing like crazy, you'll find yourself in a paradox: You become from assassin to engage bot. Yep, that is veyr wrong in my opinion, becuase if you can't assassin you might jsut as well go full mobility-tankiness and use your W to start a fight and escape with Ulti if necessary. The games where i was able to go full assassin mode where very low comapred to the ones i decided it was better to just go the engage route. You can flank very easly with her and with a lot of movement speed you can get into priority target safely, if you have some tankiness, giving at least your team the chance to kill the enemy, thanks to your W. But overall that is wrong, because what other assassin does that? It's liek Saying that a Zed that doesn't snowball must use his R to engage and then run away. The difference is that Zed has multiple ways to assassinate what he is looking for, even from behind, while like i said Eve is binary, too much power into her W. This is my biggest problem with Eve right now and i would liek to know what you guys think about her.
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