Rotating Game Mode Idea: League of Legacy

Ever since my beautiful Yorick Mori was replaced with the one we have now, I've been thinking of ways to make it possible to play as him again. There is only one way (besides a way to revert to previous patches). A rotating game mode! League of Legacy is a way for people to reconnect with the champions that they loved or a way for newer players to see what champions used to be first hand! I'm not claiming something similar has not been pitched before, I have not looked much into it. I just want to spread this idea out there. I'd say that two thirds of the friends I have that play League miss at least one champion who was reworked. I realize that some champions were outrageously stupid or broken, but think about the other rotating game modes out there. Have you played Yasuo in URF? Unplayable. Brand in One For All? Broken. The game mode would not be fair in some cases, but it would be nostalgic and fun. Notable questions or gimmicks: 1. Where to draw the line on how old a rework can be? 2. Champs like Ryze who have had three reworks, which would be playable? 3. Would old items before they were reworked make appearances? I think that this is an interesting topic I wanted to share and would like to hear some opinions that don't tell me "Suck it up, champs are reworked for a reason." or anything of the like. Of course they are, but it would be fun to relive some old memories as Yorick the Gravedigger. Be sure to answer on the poll, and maybe talk about what champs you miss or voice your opinion on the topic.
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