@Riot: Is Ezreal Part of the "Marksman Update"? (+Analysis/Discussion)

Essence Flux WIP
I hit a major block a little bit ago so I'm going to post the piece whICH IS GOING TO SUFFFER cause I was 100% going to finish it but haven't and idek. Hopefully I will soon ^^' Or start from scrat...
If so, I would really like to provide some input/feedback if that be k. I've thought about what i'd change about Ez since I bought him a few years prior (edit: actually he was the very first champion I bought and mained AND got a penta with o 3o, just realised), and after hundreds of games both as AD and AP throughout the seasons, i've come to the following conclusion (which has stayed true for at least the past year or so): Ezreal has three main issues imo. Basic waveclear, weak late-game scaling, and almost no real utility. His kit in general is fine though imo, with it's defining weakness being low waveclear outside of his ultimate which I think they should keep since removing every weakness on a champion is a pretty dumb idea. Now the other two issues can be touched on somewhat to help him out a little - **//=====The Late-Game=========================================//** His early and mid-game is decent enough with TF/LB power-spike occuring during that period, it's just that later on in the game he drops off HARD mainly due to not really having much kit-based scaling like other marksmen (his passive aids a little, so I wouldn't want that changed tbh even as AP it helps shred turrets). What I mean by this is that other ADCs usually have something for the late-game that keeps their kits relevant throughout the length of a match. Examples (not exhaustive) - - more spammable _magic_ damage AOE poke, like Kog and Corki, making their actual kit/abilities harder to mitigate while building AD, which despite Ez having a hybrid kit - it's confined to a burst pattern hence AP Ez with higher R ratios making sense - %HP/true damage - like Vayne/Varus/Kog/etc. - better on-hit scaling/on-demand steroids - like Lucian/Draaaven/Trist - utility/CC/resets/other defensive - Trist/Cait/Ashe/MF/Sivir/Kalista/Urgot - easier waveclear - Graves, and probably 2/3rds of the above mentioned ADCs Some ADCs have several of these aspects (Jinx), all which keep their kits relevant into the late-game in conjunction with their expected crit-based DPS via items. And yes, they still have weaknesses which are exploitable but much clearer and tangible strengths too. Meanwhile, Ez has a global magic damage ult with a huge drop-off which can't clear a single wave without leaving stragglers unless you go full AP, and physical damage poke which is easier to mitigate, and ok escape/cooldowns (more dashes/resets since his release doesn't make him as the go to "safe" pick as he used to be - but safe!=relevant if he has no presence late and his entire team is dead whilst he pokes from behind nexus pointlessly as is very common for a losing Ez). If his Q did magic (but remain on-hit like Nid), I think he would be better off - could be an interesting experiment to swap out damage types. However, despite all this I think Ez is still fine early-mid, he just needs a little help for that late game relevance. **//=====So What To Change?=====================================//** Only skill that needs an update (and not by much either) would be his W, which has been stripped down a lot mechanically already so may as well replace one of it's functions without altering the playstyle just supplementing it. How? Well, retain everything about it stat-wise from cooldown/mana/magic damage/champion only, but play on the actual Essence _Flux_ aspect. I.e. remove the AS buff to allies (since that's pretty much the remains of an older ability) and replace it with another shifting variable. Something that would effect only his late-game but leave his early-mid game relatively untouched. In other words, W either - A. Shift allies/enemies percent (not flat which helps early) Armor/MR values _OR_ B. Mark the targets to reveal them and deal a % of their HP on-hit for the duration of the mark These changes would provide a tiny bit of utility and have little effect to his early game but a lot more to his late game where he currently drops off thus evening out his power-curve and keeping it up to par with other marksmen. It's a pretty logical solution tbh that would help out Ez without overdoing it or really changing the way he currently plays/is built. The other option, is to try out the damage type swap mentioned earlier - which coincidentally aligns with what happened with Runeglaive but without the waveclear effect which could make this option more balanced. There's also the potential to reduce Q's base damage but allow it to crit in exchange, however that idea seems to generate a kneejerk negative reaction and one I don't favor much either since it would require offsetting his already reliable early game with unnecessary changes even if it is more late-game oriented it would be too disruptive and much harder to balance fairly. Yup, lots of time to think about this. xP Thoughts? **TL;DR** - If you could change one thing about Ezreal (but keeping him within power-budget), what would it be? Do you think he's overdue for a Power-Up⇧? Image by catmushrooms, thought it looked cool. Worth checking out his other artwork imo.

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