Generating a bounty from a cs lead as a tank and giving it to the enemy adc... imagine the horror

(image used to display how easy it is to accumulate a bounty from a cs lead. Not saying Irelia is a tank. please continue reading as the title is relevant to the body) Screenshot from TF blade's newest video and he has a 500 Gold bounty solely from a 38 CS lead I'm fine with the logic behind generating a bounty from a CS lead, but aren't the numbers really off? Here me out here, replace the irelia with a tank champion and lets say a tank champion ended the laning phase with a large bounty from a cs lead maybe a kill or two. Tanks are suppose to go in, sOaK iN DamAge lul, and preferably disable/distract the enemy carries. If there is a bounty on a tank's head, it tells the tank player everything that a tank is not suppose to do. You would have to play the fight flawlessly or you just put the enemy team back into the game Or if you were the only one that won your lane and all the other lanes ended equally, you dying to the enemy carry probably just won the enemy team the game. Understand that since ADCs hit their powerspike mid-game with 3-4 items, you could cost your team the game if you played well during laning phase (out csing, killing etc) and then giving bounties to the enemy adc. It's to the point where intentionally dying to the enemy support or non-carry champ can be a smart decision. The worst OUTLIER situation I've had was (in the kr server where I'm playing at), where my kled went 8/0 with a cs lead and gave the enemy adc corki back to back 2000 bounty gold from dying twice. Sad part, me as an ADC won the lane, got tower which was why the corki and his support rotated top in the first place. We pinged and everyone heard the package but 2 mistakes = corki gets his items a lot earlier than he should and we auto lose the game. Please please correct me- rebuke me if I'm wrong or missing out on some details. Again, I understand the reasoning for a cs bounty but the numbers seem really off. Also for champions (mostly tanks) that can do what they do with or without gold, it seems better in certain situations that they don't have a gold bounty so that item-oriented enemy champs don't feast on your death. Which would then mean that in certain situations, it is better to not win your lane. Like imagine purposely missing cs in those situations, It seems so ridiculous and unreal.

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