First time playing Bard

He is pretty cool..I built him kinda wrong but now I know...but what I cant get over is how people were using the healing totems wrong.. Like they would take them while at full health and not touch them while they were low and the totem was at full potential. I kept all three up just about at all times that way if someone needed heals they could easily fall back and get some to regroup. Bonus I let my team know that the portal can also be used for them and umm...yeah I was the only one going through everyone just tried to run away and died instead of going through is this just a low elo thing or do people do this in higher ranks? Cause if its just low elo then I will wait till I win more games and get a higher mmr. If its in all then I might go for a more damage/tanky bard instead of a full support.
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