[POLL] What bothers you most in regards of gameplay atm?

You may totally refer to your own subjective opinion in your very own tier. It does not need to be objective - everybody has their nemesis. You may also leave a comment after submitting your vote. Just interested to see what bothers boards users most atm. #Examples: 1: I'm constantly matched with enemies much higher than me or my teammates 2: People running it down mid or sabotage my own play 3: My teammates are not feeding intentionally - they are just noobs 4: Players in my games are inherently toxic 5: Champions XYZ totally overpowered/or totally useless 6: Supports OP - I don't have an influence on the game on top lane 7: The game is going to fast aka is decided too early from snowballing 8: Game is not balanced for my skill level. 9: Rework/New champion totally OP 10: I'm not happy with my own skill/performance.
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