Please buff Nasus's defense, not his damage

I have never felt like I was not doing enough damage if I stacked correctly and played well on Nasus, even in a more difficult lane. I *constantly* feel like no matter how defense-oriented my build is I get vanished as soon as I walk within 20 feet of more than 2 enemy champions. I'm really concerned that this is only going to push him back up to shit-stomping Silver players without actually addressing his issues in regards to higher ranked play. Namely, that he vanishes as soon as he walks within 20 feet of more than 2 enemy champions. Could you, instead, trade these buffs and maybe even the 50% Q refund for ult giving him % damage reduction, or at least letting his ult's resists cap sooner so he can actually enjoy the full buff for a bit? You could even make it rank-dependent, so while an early game Nasus would have to wait a bit for his maximum, at level 16 it would be fully-charged much sooner since teamfights late game are very short and he can't afford to wait. Also, (as a Nasus player), please nerf the perma-Wither and give him fair compensation elsewhere. His 100% uptime on crippling people with enough CDR is the sole reason you can't let him actually be good at doing anything. Thank you.
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