Unpopular opinion : I hate "honor"

*TL;DR at the end* First of all, no I didn't get recently banned, neither am I a toxic player Secondly, I do not say that toxic behavior shouldn't be punished, I'm saying that nice behavior shouldn't be glorified I do believe that this "honor" system is the most stupid thing added to the game. You shouldn't get rewards for being a kiss-ass in game, craving for honors in order to get what everyone should be allowed to get (yes, chests). We all know that there are a lot of kids around, reporting you for beating them (and that affects honor, yes). Same way as premades can just spam each others with honor (I know it goes up slower, but still, a system like this shouldn't happen and we all know that most of the time, 4 premades will bully the last random player) "Honor" shouldn't be monetized, if you want players to actually be nice and enjoyable, start making the game nice and enjoyable. I do believe that the tense around the game at the moment (even though it has always been toxic, I feel like it is even more toxic at the moment) comes from the fact that one death from a side, can mean loss for that side. Let's say you're midlaner, the {{champion:238}} got a kill, reached 6 while you're still 4 and can just tower-dive you over and over (that's just one of the numerous examples). I do remember people always honoring each others, and even sending random skins to each others for enjoying playing together, I myself, made one of my best friendship through league of legends, by meeting an amazing player, and we would never have met outside of it (since he lives in another country). I do feel like "honor = rewards" has become a deal between players, and not something truly meaningful. I'd rather have just a simple banner or summoner icon saying "You're a player being honored a lot" rather than being granted advantage beyond useful to the game (random skins, random champion shards, etc...), while having these advantages being removed for "being mean" All of all, I hate the honor system as currently is. TL;DR : Honor is a terrible system punishing players for "being bad mouthed" and giving access to better things to "kiss-ass players". Being nice should be a natural thing, not handling you a cake over your head and promising to give it to you if you're nice enough

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