Why not a League Pro Environment?

There is a lot debate and concern from players regarding the state of champions in pro play vs. standard play. If champions are balanced in such a way that they are tailored for pro play alone then the rest of the player base subsequently suffers to some degree. I cannot play Galio like a pro player can play galio, but the balancing team focuses on a the small few who can abuse Galio rather then a majority of the player base who perform averagely. So I suggest, if possible, create a League of Legends Pro Environment independent of the main environment. The patches for the Pro Enviornment would be solely tailored to pro-play. This would be a gated environment which would only accept players who are between Masters to Challenger. The environment will refresh every season, and players will need to earn access to it again. While this may be more work, it will certainly help the overall health of the game and the champions. IF you're going to comment on this post I ask you to answer the following questions respectfully. 1.) What parts of this design do you think have potential? Why? 2.) What parts of this design do you think will not work? Why?
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