Never feel strong in League anymore.

I know it sounds vague, but hear me out. One of the main draws to this game is playing your favorite champion, doing well on them and getting fed, then running around smashing into the enemy doing whatever your champion does best. Whether that's lightning bolts to the face (Swain), rolling them over like a bowling ball (Rammus), or just slicing and dicing (Yasuo). In fact I think that's one of the biggest draws to characters like Yasuo, is even though most times you don't succeed at the 1v3 it must feel pretty great when you are able to do it. With the changes to objectives, lack of vision, high damage, and less ways to come back from behind never seem to get to that point. Everything is a constant struggle to not lose out on something on the map or have an ally get caught at a bad time. You can be individually doing really well and if your team loses an important dragon, or herald, baron or elder dragon that's just game. Doesn't matter if you are 17/2/6, the two teams are just going to collide, burst each other where you will probably kill 1-2 of them with your burst before they kill you, and then they end with whatever power they have from objectives. Individual skill just seems to matter less. I've heard this described in the past as selling the fantasy of the champion your playing. Right now that fantasy seems to be slowly playing out the laning phase hoping you are not getting camped, then trying to move your teammates where you need them to be without getting caught... a lot like herding cats, and then praying a single error doesn't end the game. You never get to that point where your champion feels strong and good to play. Is it just me?
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