Hard to kill squishies

{{champion:11}} {{champion:23}} There is something inherently obnoxious about champions who can build full damage and yet...when you get them in a bad situation, they can be very hard to kill. Yis healing/damage reduction is obnoxiously strong, and the he can alpha strike to relocated AND dodge damage. Its highly annoying and somehow I feel its gotten worse over the years. And Trynamdere...well, of any champion that deserves to just be deleted out of the game, its him. Think about his kit. All he does is melee auto attacks. That's it, along with the longest 5 seconds of the game. And have you guys seen how much he can heal? They deleted poor old Aatrox, who had to auto attack, which means being exposed to damage, to heal up and trynd just hits a button when hes safely away and gets a massive chunk of health back. With lifesteal items, Tryndamere could do more damage, heal more and die less than old Aatrox ever could who often had to build bruiser or off tank. But remember, Aatrox was the problem. Easy to shut down, easy to counter build old Aatrox had to go. You see he was binary and unfun to play against....unlike Yi or Tryndamere right?
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