Can we Please fixe camille interaction with yummi ? it Doesnt make any sence

Just quick info Everyone that Doesnt kn how {{champion:164}} Ult Work. {{champion:164}} Ult is trap That his target can not escape By any mean Inleas camille get Nock away out of her ult... with all of this being said. Can someone explain to me Why the fuckk When i {{champion:164}} Ult {{champion:350}} . {{champion:350}} can still W to her target in midle of camille ult Thats suppose to trap her ? At First i thought its bug But patch after patch it hasnt been fixed yet So Why are waiting for to fixe this bug ? {{champion:350}} Counterplay suppose to be either burst her target Before she full health bar heal him or catch her when she attach from someone to an other. how can she just walk away from camille ult ?

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