AP Shyvana is simply my favorite incarnation but...

I miss bruiser/tank Shyvana. Now I know she has no real cc, but her AP build is simply the only one that gets anything done anymore. I got flamed for building {{item:1416}} on her the other day with a tank ish build; {{item:1416}} >{{item:3111}} >{{item:3068}} >{{item:3748}} Honestly I could see why. I remember when Shyvana could dive in and be an unkillable threat that if left unchecked would get a double before MAYBE going down if you didn't HARD cc her. These days? R into team, spam E, move back, spam E, rinse and repeat. She's an AP assassin in every sense of the word now, which I love, but Riot should honestly just rework her into that in full at this point.
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