This game has become ridiculously fast paced... too much dmg out there guys!

I read a thread about how Press the Attack keystone is so OP... well, not really... I think that everything is OP now... I mean, think about Predator keystone for assassins (a second ghostblade active... or a ghostblade active for akali for example... good luck getting away... you're not)... think about unsealed spellbook (changing summoners can be very handy) or kleptomancy for supports ...good survivability potential with the consumables you have the chance to get and together with the supp items they make very decent gold too... think about aftershock on huge CC tanks (yeah... sejuani is even more broken now )... think about Arcane Comet in sorcery... not to mention the insane late game AD and AP gathering storm offers... Every role has at least one keystone that is just ridiculously overpowered... and not because it's more powerful than all the others but because all of them combined make the game ridiculously fast paced... I mean come on... I took 1st blood with ashe last game on level 1... just because cait didn't think that 3 AAs and a W would destroy her and she didn't have Press the Attack herself (he used electrocute) and I had the advantage... Now you will say it's just Press the Attack, but it's not... a rengar with predator was blowing out opponents left and right right from the very beginning... he didn't even need items to have one shot dmg potential and his speed for chasing made it impossible to outplay him unless he played REALLY stupid... I think the biggest problem is the whole scenery... too much early dmg RIOT.. just too much early dmg on everyone... kills are being shot out left and right... people are being blown up... so much dmg makes things really toxic out there... it's not a fun game.. just a matter of who starts off better... Finally, I think the takedown masteries are just stupid... so now if you get kills, being ahead in gold is not enough? now you get extra perks? Why? so that the other guy will have 0 chance of getting back in the game? I think, my personal point of view of course, that this insane dmg potential that is everywhere is leaving less and less room for outplays... On a happy note though... Press the Attack has finally made my beloved Ezreal relevant again... I mean I can at least compete with the hyper carries now... not beat them late... but compete at least... thanks for reading :)
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