Adopt a silver?

Is there anyone willing to adopt a silver player. I do things wrong and I suck admitted! I'm silver cause I can't hack anything else admitted. Is there someone out there who's willing to play 1 match a week with me or watch 1 film of mine weekly, and give me a direction to improve. I really want to get better. I was doing better and now I'm back sliding. It's due to frustration, I watch farming videos and Jg routes and pro play. I am just struggling. It's not due to a lack of trying or work or effort. It's just so hard. I can look back on my bronze days now and say DAH BRO, this this and this were all wrong. Most of the community has been toxic trolls who rather than help just give you childish degrading talk. Stuff like if you can't get out of bronze your this. Silver your this. The fact is once you get something and know how important it is you are better. Once you implement it your better. I need a mentor BADLY!!!!

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