@RiotReperoir You should wait with the Ninja Tabi nerf and hit them same time when ADC gets changed

1) Reducing the armor and upping the damage reduction instead leads to a double nerf when adc gets changed. Not to mention this would probably lead to the point where it's pretty much mandatory for the losing adc to pick them up to reduce enemy adc damage. 2) Upping the armor and reducing the passive is not good since it's basically gonna make them a better buy vs assassins and worse vs ADC's, not what we want. Solution: The best option really is to make them scale from like 5-12% so ADC's lategame damage could be kept in tact while also making {{item:3047}} not insanely broken and efficient to rush in lane. Then it'd be less problematic to try to balance them before ADC's even get hit. Also avoiding the classic double nerf. (sejuani'd)
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