Patch Rundown: Preseason 2015

Patch Rundown: Preseason 2015 Part 1
We've got not just one but two episodes for you in this special Preseason Edition of the Patch Rundown. Join Scarizard, Ghostcrawler, Jatt and more as they discuss what to expect from all of the changes to League of Legends.
Part 1 on Objectives is embedded above (or you can click [**here**](!), and Part 2 on the 2015 Jungle can be found below or by clicking [**right here**](! If you’re looking for a deeper dive into the how and whys of what is changing, check out our series of dev blogs or the new [**preseason hub**](! * [**Increasing Strategic Diversity**]( * [**Forging a Diverse Armory**]( * [**A New Jungle**]( * [**Diversifying Objectives**](
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