Talisman of Ascension needs a buff

This item is obsolete to all other support items, especially Frost Queen. You break even from buying the first part item at 10 minutes while Frost Queens has way better stats, an arguably better active, and gives way more gold. I usually make 2500-3000 gold per game from Frost Queens while making, at most, 1000 gold with Talisman. ----- Talisman does not give passive gold (ex 2 gold per 10 seconds), and gives 6 gold and 10hp per nearby minion that dies, and only gives regen stats. Frost queen gives 2 gold per 10 seconds, gives 15 gold and 15 extra damage upon attacking an enemy champion, gives AP and mana regen stat. Frost Queen makes 33% more gold per wave and has the ability to make gold in between waves with trades/pokes (while doing more damage with those pokes) and gets passive gold, while Talisman has to wait for a minion wave and can only get gold from a minion wave. -------- Possible change: Give FotM the Talisman active, nerf FotM stats, give a sizable buff to Talisman stats, and give it an active shield that scales off of level. This better fits the promotion of passive-play for Talisman and gives tanks a way to let their team follow up better.

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