Senna's kit is revealed. Doesn't power creep worry you too? Disclaimer one: usually I don't criticize champions before release; not because I believe that any consideration made without direct experience is necessary invalid, but mostly because of prudence. Disclaimer two: I love Senna's kit, because it brings many interesting ideas and mechanics to the table. It's not my intention to hate on anything new or different. **That said, I share with many a worry. Isn't she... a tad bit overloaded? ** - Her passive giving pretty much every core stat an ADC would want, with minimal gamplay attached. That's pretty big. - Her Q being very versatile: it can be used for long-range poke or finisher, saving allies, and even self-sustain!! - Her W is a reasonably easy to land AOE hard CC. As long as it doesn't kill a unit, it's delayed, sure, but we're talking HARD CC on an enchanter/marksman hybrid!! - Her R is... pretty bonkers, considering that it is a GLOBAL ability that has has much "interference" power as Khartus R or Soraka's heal. It also packs good damage and nice shielding in an AOE. - If her spell list ended up here, she could be... balanceable. **But what's most mind-boggling to me is that Senna has what's the power budget of an ULTIMATE ABILITY on her E.** Everybody loved Akali's shroud, didn't they? What about AOE camouflage for the team?? Movement speed on it, and allies exiting it become unclickable????** That's an ultimate ability that you build an entire champion around, and think twice about long forgotten design concepts as "power budget" and "how to introduce counterplay?"** I fear we're heading towards another train wreck of a champion that will end up being nerfed and buffed and trimmed one patch out of two, for the next two years. Senna will be immense in proplay and in the end, **NO ONE will be able to enjoy her**. Sounds a lot like Aatrox, don't you think? **I don't want this to happen, I DON'T WANT TO HATE SENNA! ** **My point is: is all of this avoidable? ** Let's consider all the releases of the past two years, and let's ask ourselves how many of those champions proved to be a balancing nightmare, or a major point of frustration for the community? {{champion:80}} {{champion:246}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:350}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:517}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:518}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:142}} Out of 15 champions, at least 10 sank unnumerable hours of design work trying to fix them, and the most recent ones sure promise to give their share of trouble. Many of those champions are packed with agency, options, and effects. Shouldn't champions designed after 10 years of experience actually be less of a burden for the game? Why do they need to soak up so many resources, and be so so overloaded, compared to older ones? Why do they so often end up needing a neverending stream of iterative changes? Also, while balance might eventually be achieved, even to this day two years after release you won't find a LOL player that doesn't consider Zoe to be PURE CANCER to play against. I want to post this to tell Riot to start once again following old design and balance principles that made this game succesful. Innovation is always welcome, but must come with thought.
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