For the love of god if you make a balance post

Suggest how to fkin fix your problem, put some effort into it. Stop making post "Lee oneshot me lategame so he doesnt fall off hur dur" that are full of exaggerations. The gameplay board has lost almost all of its credibility because people constantly complain about yasuo, or riven, or tryn without actually trying to solve the problem. "Stop tryn from ulting while cc'd" yeah lets gut the champion that already sucks. We should just make lee atcually blind so he cant see for the entire game amiright "Get rid of Yas double crit" Yes, the one steroid other than his armor pen that yas has for a melee ad carry. Meanwhile, Yi has 2 attack speed buffs, true damage, and ad buffs. Yas makes up for this with high mobility. His damage when compared to yi or tryn is pathetic. Seriously. Stop complaining and start creating solutions, and maybe riot will actually listen to you.
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