I can't even play this game solo now. Normals and raging.

Hi, I'm Shira. I'm not a very good player, just your average Silver 1 Assassin/Mage main who enjoys some norms. I play ranked with friends mostly, and stick to norms for training new champions and tactics for ranked. Sadly, I think those days are coming to a close. League has always had a reputation of being a toxic game because of how many players there are, the game's lengths, etc. But now, I believe it's worse than ever before. Ranked is it's own issue, it's annoying as fuck to play due to other people fucking up, so I play with friends to decrease the tilt level and stay focused. That's fine to an extent. But... normals? Why the fuck are normals worse than ranked?! It doesn't make any fucking sense. I've never seen this before since I started playing 4 years ago. In every single Champ Select: autofills, flamers, people who ban other people's picks, troll picks, dodgers, ragers, 4 mans who are taking over and forcing dodges or else they hard or soft int and hold everyone hostage. The list goes on and on and fucking on. I can't dodge all of these! And it's SO. FUCKING. EASY. To spot these types of people in the Draft Phase. But, it doesn't matter. Time to wait another 5,15,30 minutes after dodging out of bullshit game. Who the fuck does this? Do people seriously hate the game so much now that it's just a rage-fest? I used to love this game and the silly shit in norms, but now it's a mess. And I know what people say, "Mute and report, just ignore it, Oh you can't have had a feeder or a rager in EVERY game, so don't bitch about it." Well, I'm at the end of the line here. I DO get this shit in every game, at least every normal I play. The only reason I played so much ranked to get out of bronze was to improve my MMR in normals so I get better teammates! I almost feel like I should have stuck with bronze teammates, at least they were fun to play with. I know lots of people don't care about normals, here in the boards I assume a large majority of people just play ranked, but for us dudes over in normals most of the time, there needs to be a change. Champion Select is a fucking mess, and it's completely because of OTHER PLAYERS. Where's the punishment for this shit? You can't even report outside of Endgame Screen, but most of everything that happens is in the fucking Champ Select. C'mon man. Get these people outta here and fix the damn game. It's disgusting is what it is. Much love fellow people who actually have fun.
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