Riot there's a reason we keep talking shit to you on boards instead of just leaving your game.

Yes League has a very large time investment to learn and stay good at. Many of us also bought way too many skins so our accounts are a monetary investment as well. But, the main reason we keep bullying you on these boards is because we remember when this game used to be great. League has always had flaws but it used to be worthy of the title of the top competitive game. Now league still only has that title as an inheritance passed down to a game that is a spoiled fat bastard and represents its father only in appearance and name. It's not too late though. The game still has potential, but holy shit guys you have to work with us and more hope is lost everyday you do more baffling shit like buffing Renekton and Vayne. Maybe you guys can do things Runescape style and have the community vote on changes. Maybe you can beg Morello to come back. Whatever you do the first thing you have to stop is stop whatever the hell you're doing. Most of these patches these days read like someone urinating on a once sacred artwork.
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