Nidalee buffs are on PBE?? my 2 cents

(shame on you if u didn't see THIS coming) currently today pbe has a very small nidalee buff on pbe Primal Surge (Human Form E) AP ratio on heal increased from 27.5% to 32.5% now while i agree nidalee does need a small buff. however, i am really question why they choose THIS out of everything she has to "buff" her first clear is the only time her clear is actaully difficult to do and the on AP u have at that point is from runes/ masteries which is pretty much negligible. later on in the game nidalee's weakness is her ability to get out alive and not be 1 shot as soon as she goes in. and her burst damage pretty much being the same or less of champion that have 3x her HP and much more sustainability during the fight. the only time nidalee uses the heal is AFTER a fight. by which she is either already alive.. or already dead. obviously this change would make some difference to her. but as a person who has mained nidalee since the day i started playing in patch 3.6 this is NOT what i would buff. there are many things you could buff that would be much more useful first off reducing her kitty from cooldowns from 6 second they have had in season 7 back to the 5 seconds they had in seasons 1-6 there is no need for this change even when it was done... there is certainly no need to keep it. another simple QOL life change (not even a buff) could be to make takedown prioritize hunted targets in range unless a direct target was given takedown grants an 50 unit extended auto attack range. and for whatever reason despite the fact that if you use a empowered pounce after u land a spear on a target by doing so you need to click DIRECTLY on the champion being targeted. the game STILL does not issue an attack command afterwards as if they were targeted. this leads to rather annoying situations when you pounce in on someone in a creep wave or under a tower and takedown attacks the "closest" target in range, be it a minion or a tower, rather than the champion you JUST CLICKED ON. the vast majority if the time this is not an issue because there are no other targets i range, but since take-down is the majority of your damage as nidalee. having that miss in a fight will lose you the fight 9 times out of 10. if you dont want to change those.. you could help her out by giving her her % hp back on her traps the "reason" for the removal of this in season 5 was "because the cap of 200 vs jungle camps made it so she could stack them under red/ bluff buff then kill it with just those. so instead of lowering the PRE-EXISTING CAP of 200 that was already there to a more manageable number like idk.. 50? you remove the % damage entirely? to this day i have not gotten a straight answer from riot as to why this was done with there was a blatantly obvious solution that is not only much better... but easier to implement as there would only be one number change... you could also give her her VISION back on trap placements.. which you nerfed from 1400 (the same vision {{champion:51}} traps give when placed) to 400. the last buff (which i think might be to big too give her in her current state) would be to give her her FULL pounce reset when pouncing to a champion or when killing a unit. and only keep the "reduced reset" which u added in season 6. when pouncing to a jungle camp. THIS change would ALLOW her to LANE again. something she has not been able to do since patch 5.4. THESE are the changes nidalee needs.. take your pick riot... but buffing her HEAL is NOT what she needs.
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