Update on Updated Spellblade VFX!

Hey everyone! I posted [here](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/YNYvZHAa-updated-spellblade-vfx-on-pbe) a couple of weeks ago asking for feedback about updated Spellblade VFX that the Game Systems team was working on. We read through what you had to say and made some slight iterations that I'd like to share with you! The changes aren't too big - we primarily tried to address concerns over clarity by adding some white glow to the center of the VFX and brightened them a bit (The Iceborn Gauntlet screengrab doesn't convey this too great...my bad...). That said, we're particularly interested in what you guys think about the new differentiation between Sheen and Trinity Force. We're feeling pretty good about moving forward with these, but would like to give you guys an opportunity to provide your thoughts. See them below! **Sheen/Trinity Force** https://i.imgur.com/dpDg6qc.png **Trinity Force In Action** https://i.imgur.com/MmAXoby.gif **Lich Bane** https://i.imgur.com/m7AcwWy.png **Iceborn Gauntlet** https://i.imgur.com/Do1e6C9.png
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