next season we'll finally have support items that allow all the AD champions to go bot lane

According the the ask riot they're doing a high AD low HP, High AP-Low HP, High HP-low AD, and High HP-low AP version of both relic shield and spellthiefs Remember when everyone was all like "FACKING MID LANE MAGEZ AS SUPPORTZZZZ", well they're still gonna be around, but so will everyone else this does in fact call into question the need for a singular bot lane carry, when you could have duo support item builds on AD or AP carries who aren't Adcs. Double relic on an irelia+riven bot lane but the relic gives some AD? "But spellthiefs never made Ekko a good support" How about an AP relic shield? cause it's coming! Now put that ekko next to a zed and giggle in glee as that little adc gets popped every single time. Down with the marksmen monopoly!
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