[Slight QQ] Any tips on how to avoid games like this all together?

Hello everyone! Before you read this, let me throw up a quick disclaimer: I am a Silver 2 Player who is trying (desperately) to climb to Gold before the end of the season. I'm no different than any other person in this ELO range, and I don't consider myself substantially better than the people I get matched with. I am always willing to learn the tips of the trade, and get any and all general advice that I can use to become a better player. Now, with that out of the way, I should also mention I am working on a bit of Salt, however, I am doing my best to maintain level-headed in writing this. I myself, am an AD Carry main. I find a lot of enjoyment out of Champions such as {{champion:202}} , {{champion:51}} , {{champion:67}} , {{champion:15}} & {{champion:67}} . However, I have found myself in a somewhat negative streak because these champions (disregarding Vayne) typically don't have a lot of hypercarry potential. There is some to be had in each of them, Jhin brings long-rage, raw damage. Caitlyn brings long-ranged attacks and some outplay potential, (Vayne is a gamble for me, I have amazing games, and trash games, I don't play her much in ranked) Sivir is a waveclear-splitpush bot. All of them have their strengths, but not necessarily in hard carrying games. I am finding myself more and more, having to hard-carry games in my ELO range, and to be quite honest, I am sick of it. I want to play the champions I have listed above, and play them around my team composition. Instead, however, I find myself playing two champions {{champion:222}} and {{champion:29}} , because they have a lot of potential to hypercarry games, sometimes single-handedly. My main question to the community, is what are some tips and tricks you can give an AD Carry main to climb the ratings? The major issues I find myself having, are over-extending and trying to pick my targets in less than a second in fights. That is somewhat remedied with a {{item:3085}} , but not completely. I'm wanting to get better and improve my skills with a team, but I work in an ADC position that is somewhat locked off from the rest of the team for the first 10-15 minutes of the match. Once I push down the tower/have a free minute, I do try to roam and help my team. However, in those first 10 to 15 minutes, the game is almost completely decided, because of someone having a bad game or the enemy team just flat out playing better. Repeated pleas to play safe 90% of the time fall on deaf ears and the player on my team who has a 0-3 score, continues getting caught out, and/or picking bad fights. 15 minutes come around, and I try to clean up the damage by knocking down any towers I can, and desperately trying to get myself ahead or at the very least, even with the fed monstrosities that are on the enemy team, by farming CS. This typically can get me on an even level, however, I sometimes feel like I am stuck in a 1v5 scenario where all the enemy team has to do, is kill me, and they effectively get a pentakill. As seen by the image linked in this thread, you can see my valiant effort in trying to do this, and patching up the wounds already on the team, but, usually it is already too late. Are the first 15 minutes left up to chance, and can I really not impact the game in any way? It feels like it is always an uphill battle I face, and seems quite difficult, if not impossible at points to repair the damage done in the first 15 minutes of the game. (Should I bring {{summoner:12}} as an ADC???) Please, share me your criticism, advice, and really anything. I hope I can reach Gold, but even if not, the most important thing I can gain from this is the ability to do better in my games, and this is really what I am truely asking for. If this sounds like a QQ thread, or something of the sort, I apologize. But in the end I am just trying to look for any advice ADC mains, or really anyone out there who have some tips. Thanks! {{summoner:31}}
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