Azir Q&A: Gameplay - COMPLETED **EDIT - Alright guys, we're headed back to work. Thanks for all the questions!** Friends of Shurima! With Azir being turned on soon[tm], we thought this was a great time to let you ask us pretty much whatever you want about his gameplay and balance. Azir is an interesting champion that breaks a few "rules" of what a mid laner is supposed to do. One of the bigger ones is the fact that to access the majority of his damage, Azir has to right click pretty much like an AD carry. This looks deceptively simple, but if you've had a chance to check him out on the PBE you'll know it's much harder than it looks. Between his soldiers, resurrecting lane turrets, and making a truly uncrossable* wall, Azir brings a lot of novel concepts to the game, and I'm sure you'll have a bunch of questions. Joining me in this thread is Squad5, who is responsible for Azir's balance and gameplay health. We did a lot of work to make sure we can actually release these crazy ideas without breaking the game, and Squad5 was central to identifying the trade-offs, appropriate strengths and weaknesses, and overall balanceability (as opposed to balance--we're okay with getting balance wrong, as long as there is a path to improvement) of the champion. *Unless you're Malphite, I guess. Or Vi. Or Maokai. Or Fizz. Or Nocturne. Or Vladimir. Damn you, untargetability! Here are some other things you might want to check out: [Azir Reveal]( [Shurima: What Lies Beneath the Sands?]( Check out the other Azir Q&A sessions here: [Azir Creative Q&A]( [Azir Art & Sound Q&A](
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