I wish Teemo W could get looked at, everything else works fine but "Move Quick" is lackluster

You never see any real use out of the "spell" seeing as, for most of the game at least, it's just a 10% MS increase that stays up until you're damaged by a champion/turret, only ever jumping up to 20% for a brief 3 seconds when you activate it. A pitiful value like that is nothing when the game is so chock full of mobility and better speed boosts tacked onto other abilities that accomplish much more than Move-Quick ever will. You can't kite enemies with Movespeed alone unless it's a constant long-lasting/refreshing amount or if you have a low CD Mobility/Stealth mechanic. So really what is the point of Move-quick as it currently is when you'll never invest in it at all after the 1st point until level 14?
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