Yugioh is more balanced than League right now and even Yugioh fixes their mistakes

Sure, Rhongo Bongo is still a thing, but many of their combo pieces are nerfed. Most FTKs (First Turn Kills) are dead. Control decks will probably take over, but at least those don't kill you before you take a turn and Twin Twisters works very well into them. Funny that Konami of America fixed their game by listening to their playerbase by banning Firewall Dragon. Imagine if Riot Games listened to the reasonable, most common complaints about League. Dark Harvest would have been hotfixed again so people could actually play. Nerfing continuously overpowered champions like Kai'sa might be nerfed instead of workarounds like nerfing the shit out of Rageblade, kinda like how A-Assault Core was limited to 1 instead of them banning Firewall Dragon. But the worst part is now that Firewall Dragon is banned, A-Assault Core went back to 3 copies, but Riot Games, when they do eventually nerf Kai'sa, won't fix Rageblade.
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