Please stop letting burst mages play as supports

I am a support main and I am tired of playing lulu vs burst mages who play support.It is not fair at all.They one shoot my adc and I can’t poke vs most of them without losing a huge chunk of my hp.I play ap supports.Lulu is my worst when I have a burst mage enemy like lux.Lux is not a support.I tried playing Vel koz support because at least I don’t feel that useless.In my elo the percentage of people who play normal support champions is very low and most of them play pyke.I only see lux,brand,Morgana,vel koz,zyra maybe a little bit of thresh or nautilus.Make a system that doesn’t let non support champions to play freaking support.A burst mage + adc make adcing a nightmare and some of those mages combine very well with some adcs making it even harder to survive on lane.Yes I get it ,it is fun to be a burst mage on bot,you can make the enemy adc disappear from lane ,that’s just not healthy.

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