ADC Burst vs Squishies WAS NOT nerfed on the PBE and I have the math to prove it

I had a little too much faith in Riot, I thought they might actually address the 1 year long problem. I will go onto explain in detail why its barely a nerf. The current Infinity edge transforms crits into a 250% multiplier. Crits without IE are 200%, so IE provides a 25% **total increase** in crit dmg. I will be expressing the following math in **total increases** so keep in mind the 25% total increase (or 250% crit dmg) which is currently existent on live (broken state of adcs). The pbe IE 20% critical damage converted to true damage has a varying effect based on armor value of the squishy. At 100 armor, a squishy will take 50% less reduced physical damage. So a 20% true damage conversion on this 100 armor target will result in total increase of 10%. This translates into crits going up from 200% to 220%. So vs a 100 armor target, ADCs will be doing 220% crits instead of 250%. Sounds like a pretty solid nerf right? Just keep reading. At 25-40 armor (early game stages) the target takes ~25% less physical. Its a 6.67% total damage increase or 213% crit multiplier. So from the early game (25-40 armor) to the late game (about 100 armor), the squishy target will take crits that range from 213.4% to 220% instead of the 250%. Wheres the problem? The problem is Riot also added a new passive on the PBE IE "Crit chance is doubled". A current ADC burst build {{item:3031}} {{item:3094}} {{item:3087}} provides 80% crit chance. On the pbe, the same build will provide a _**100%**_ crit chance. What does this mean? this means on the pbe the adc has a 20% additional chance to deal 113% (100 normal dmg + 113 = 213%) bonus damage vs a 25-40 armor category target. So, (.2)(113) = 22.6% then we add this to the original 213.4% and we get a total of 236%. Congrats Riot, you nerfed them from 250% crits to 236% crits with that 3 item build on an extremely low armor target. Now lets look at the 100 armor squishy (mid to late game mage fighter assassin). In this case the 3 item ADC on the pbe (again, who now has a 100% chance to crit with just 3 items) will have gained a 20% chance to do an additional 120% damage (the bonus added onto 100% normal to gain 220% crit). Similarly as I did before, it is (.2)(120%)= 24%. Then add 24% to 220% and you get 244%. WOW GREAT JOB RIOT, YOU NERFED THEM FROM 250% to 244% LOL. Now take into consideration they made LW total armor pen so the ADC now gained essentially 30 lethality vs this same 100 armor target. I am gonna squash this point before some ADC main brings it up in the chat, I am aware that lethality will have reduced effect on ADCs who go IE due to true dmg conversion and I am here to tell you, it does not fucking matter. 30 Lethality is alot even if 20% of your dmg is being converted to true dmg. So 250% crits down to 244% but they gain 30 lethality, you literally buffed their dmg. You buffed ADCs vs squishies. Also you increased the AD on IE by 10, which is alot when you only have IE Shiv RFC. You also gave them more HP. In the initial post you guys posted on dev corner. It was clearly stated that the intention of the patch was to lower bot lane power, power of crits toward squishies, and make it so a crit hypercarry with just a few items isnt the most important member on the team (direct paraphrases from Riot's post). You didnt accomplish any of this. You barely nerfed them, if you count a 4 item build with LW, you actually buffed them vs squishies. Its been 1 year, we are done fucking around. HIRE THE ASSETS, who CAN fix this problem. You think the boards are just some dumb idiots who complain alot and wouldnt be able to see stuff like this? I have a degree in engineering I spotted this on the first 2 mins of reading surrender at 20. _**EDIT:**_ I guess this type of post needs a TLDR: Crits do infact have less multiplier per hit vs squishies but itemization was buffed to reach 100% crit chance in only 3 items (ie shiv RFC), up from 80%. So each crit does less damage, but now every ADC hit is a crit so mathematically the overall BPS is mostly unchanged, plus ADCs gained 30 lethality from the LDR buff to total armorpen. Thats the main goal of the post but I highly suggest everyone read the math. . . . _**EDIT#2**_: Hey guys its 15 hours later, I am back and I would like to thank everyone who upvoted me so much (I did not expect this) I am making this edit to squash some poorly constructed counterarguments from misinformed individuals. _**Point#1**_: Your "math is fiction", "your math is made up" "propaganda" This individual believes my math to be wrong and goes on to post a lengthy post with his own math. This individual did not read my post and completely missed the point of it, to great irony, his own math that he posted is actually consistent with mine. Atleast the first half of it, the second half of it he does math on randuins which I will address later but I will focus on the first half first. His post uses math to prove that the new IE does infact do less damage on targets of armor ranging from 100 to 0. Well obviously the new IE does less damage, this is literally stated in my original post. I clearly state the crit multiplier on a 100 armor target goes from 250% to 220% , a clear decrease. And that the crit multiplier goes down to 213% on a 25% phys reduction target (lower armor usually around 25-40). Similarly, (and obviously) this means each crit with the new IE will also do less damage if the target has tabis (no need to clutter your post with repetitive math bud). So its blatantly obvious the new IE will nerf the damage in each _**individual hit**_ from the ADC but my post is NOT regarding each hit but the _**overall dps**_ of the 3 item ADC which is _**staying relatively same**_ due to total crit chance in the 3 item build going **up from 80% to 100%** . The math in my post which he claims to me "made up" or "adding random numbers" is simply factoring in the DPS increase from their crit chance going up from 80% to 100%. THATS where im adding numbers from. He literally just didnt read that portion or im not sure whats going on in his head. But its no doubt ADCs are gonna do less damage per hit but the fact that they now cap their crit chance at only 3 items means their overall dps is similar to what it is on live. That is the underlying point in my post. In regard to all the random LDR math in his post, its all needless clutter. It should be blatantly obvious to anyone that a 35% _**bonus armor pen**_ being buffed to _**total armor pen**_ is just a straight up dps increase vs squishies. You are just receiving 35 flat armor pen vs a 100 base armor target. Now I will address all the needless randuins math / discussions going on in my thread with one simple sentence: I dont care. Randuins is not relevant to my thread "ADC burst vs squishies". Mages and assassins do not bust out their handy randuins purchase, ever. Only time I saw someone ever go randuins on a mage was when the enemy team had yasuo , adc, and graves jungle. But even then I feel its rare. He also has a bunch of clutter with math on 300 armor targets, come on bro, we are talking about ADC burst vs _**squishies **_ not vs malphite. _**Point #2**_: B-BUT THEIR ITEMS ARE MORE EXPENSIVE NOW BY 500 GOLD. Again this is not relevant to my post. The post is titled "ADC burst vs squishies was not nerfed" , the ADC burst per second vs squishies was _**delayed **_ by 500 gold, it was not reduced. They could delay it by 800 gold for all I care, that would still go against their clearly stated design intent in the dev corner post by Riot Axes to reduce ADC burst vs squishies. The argument also conveniently leaves out that botrk and BT were buffed in efficiency by 200 gold, IE received 10 ad ( a 350 gold value increased). Thats an efficiency buff by 550 gold in their full build. Come on guys. _**Point #3:**_ Buying a second zeal item is super inefficient now, they overcap on crit by 20%! Ok this one is just so troll I dont know if the original poster was serious or not. IE shiv RFC combo went from 80% crit on live to 120% crit on the pbe (capped at 100 obv.) How do you actually manage to call THAT an _**efficiency nerf**_ . Its comical really. Point #4: Their fleetfoot work was nerfed, their lifesteal is less effective because true dmg doesnt live steal, this and that , this and that While all of this is true, come on guys, thats not the point of my post. I am specifically talking about ADC burst vs squishies not whether they are easier to kill or have less sustain. In conclusion, for those who still dont believe my post (its really not rocket science guys), just for you guys I will post a video in the near future of me attacking a target dummy (100 armor) with the live IE SHIV RFC combo and directly compare it to a video of me attacking the same dummy with IE SHIV RFC on pbe with the same champion , same runes, same everything. Then maybe they wont be able to deny blatant truths. _**EDIT#4**_ : There is now another post on the front page where a user named "Akali is Hot" or something has done his own math in his own way. He reached essentially the same conclusions as me when it comes to ADC burst _**vs squishies**_ . I suggest you guys go read his post for a 2nd perspective. Might help a few of those claiming "math is fiction". _**EDIT#3:**_ I figured instead of just only presenting the problem, I would also present a simple solution for Riot: Keep IE at 20% crit. Thats literally it IMO. That solves all the problems. It is indeed very problematic to give ADCs a _**yasuo style**_ "DOUBLE CRIT xd" mechanic and not realize that their DPS is gonna surge.
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