Some champions are clearly stronger and better

This is subjective. But in 4 years of playing I have noticed that certain champions, even if their team loses, are usually ALWAYS a problem to deal with. {{champion:23}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:62}} to name a few It does change. Champs such as {{champion:105}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:154}} used to always be a problem. However, there are many champs who never really approach this level of being a problem. For example I never see {{champion:2}} or {{champion:58}} and think "well great, now I have to deal with this". And while {{champion:75}} can carry hard, there is so much time to deal with him and counter play that you don't go into the match already worried. I think this game is no where close to be balanced because there are champions that clearly have stronger kits that that work well in more situations and with more team comps than others.
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