@Riot: Please Consider a small Quality of Life Change...

I know this is very low priority, but I'm hoping someone at Riot will see this and consider proposing to the design team that SOMETHING be done. It's not a huge issue, but a little tweak to Sion's ult would be really nice. Let me explain: I'm deaf. My sister told me that Sion's ult plays a sound when he starts it, which I assume is to warn players that he could be coming and they might want to seek safety. The problem is, I can't hear that sound. So there is no indication that I could be in trouble until a Sion comes flying out of the fog of war at warp speed and slams into me before I can react. Having played against a Sion jungle the other day, I have to say that it was extremely frustrating. I asked my team to spam ping me when they heard the sound, but I can't expect other players to take the time to warn me that way. They tried, but in the middle of a team fight, they didn't always have the time to give me a heads-up that Sion was about to fly into the fray. I honestly don't know what the right fix would be. But some VISUAL indicator of a Sion's ult would be a nice quality of life change. I'd even be happy with the game automatically pinging the enemy team with "!" pings, or something in chat like "Sion may be coming". A visual indicator like a red border around the edge of the screen would be nicer, but SOMETHING would be good. Not just for deaf players like me, but even for people who play while listening to music or whatever else might cause someone to mute their game. Please consider it. Thank you.
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