Why Draven is still untouched?

He is top adc, for idk how much time, half a year? Are we waiting for other adcs buffs, to let them actually play vs Draven ? or some miracle? It's sad and boring to watch, when almost every draven wins the lane and carry game alone. If he get's {{champion:555}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:412}} as a support, then they can 2v5. He can go whatever ad item, and still will outscale ad carry in 1v1, wtf is it. Why there is even such an early game monster still avaible in the game, when all avarage games are ended around 25 minute. His kit looks simply like adc kit should look like, but right now his kit is too strong, and definetly his Q which empower lifesteal, maybe if his Q bonus dmg would not apply lifesteal, he would be a lesser threat on bot.

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