annie nerfs i came up with

so i cant be the only one who thinks annie can be disgustingly annoying and today while making myself some noodles i came up with ideas to make her less of a pain in the ass. so first of all what makes annie annoying is tibbers, to begin tibbers should have a longer cooldown and by that i dont mean actually increasing the cooldown but rather making the CD start after tibbers has died instead of how it is right now where tibbers will die and the cooldown will be already half way done. what also makes tibbers annyoing is the unpredictability of it. its an incredibly hard skill shot to miss like honestly if you cant land a tibbers please stay in bots vs AI (jokes) so then i remembered in the a twist of fate cinematic where annie throws tibbers in the air and theres a small delay i felt like that should be something that should be implemented in the game, where tibbers has a slightly longer cast time and during that cast time annie throws her small teddy in the air and that should be a sign to the enemy to fuck right off instead of how it is right now where you will see an annie walk towards you and you dont even have time to realise your adc has been deleted. so these are my ideas also making her q a skill shot should be considered cause if she knows she cant land tibbers she's just gonna q you and then tibbers and it gets frustrating.
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