One week until preseason, so what's your Blue Essence looking like? I'm pretty satisfied with just my loot number alone. My runes estimate is impossible to tell for my weak mind since i cant recall which i bought this year while grinding and which i bought when this account was first made before my hiatus. Got a good 4-5 champs i immediately plan to buy. ( {{champion:420}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:202}} and that new one coming soon) and if i have enough, maybe that cute poro emote. Woulda liked urfwick but alas i am not an IP Dragon. (hey idea could you guys maybe make his skin a potential capsule drop at like, levels 200-300+ maybe?) this was easy enough for me, i had stockpiled all my champ shards gathering dust while i grinded runes so when they made the announcement i was like aaayyyy. Then i grinded out some more IP for those mystery shards and yeah rest is boring detailed work. Protip if anyone has the RP to burn you can buy those shards for 195 and get anywhere from ~600-2700 BE come preseason. I did that with like 10 bucks and it was like another 4K added. I'm hoping to see like the season 1-3 vets that are gonna have like a zillion BE from their runes and loot and current IP and such. So yeah. Just a fun thread to hype the coming changes. EDIT: i just realized i also still have a couple missions to do for another 80 tokens. I turned every 5 tokens from this event into 15 essence so that helped. When i do it again my new total will be ~104,410
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