Sorry, but I'm not autofilling.

I understand you'd like to shorten queue times, but I know I as well as many others would prefer a longer queue in return for teammates getting one of their better roles. I have two rune pages. If I'm not set up to ADC or Support, then my team is at an inherent disadvantage because I might only have AP pages ready. I want teammates in one of their preferred roles (I'd actually like to see a single role selection, but I know it won't happen) so that we have a good chance of winning. Quality over quantity, my friends. No game is fun when in champ select you already have people complaining about being forced into an off-role and that they'll "try not to feed." So, yeah. If you force me to fill something I didn't queue for, I'm not doing it. Whether that mean we duo top or jungle, or I pull the trusty Singed Support, I'm not doing it. Sorry, not sorry. I want quality games, not a ton of shitty ones.
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